How to Clean Your Home for Coronavirus

A women cleaning her home for coronaVirus

It’s really important to clean your home especially during CoronaVirus. That being Said it only takes a few minutes to clean the high traffic areas of your home. Cleaning these areas can significantly reduce your chance of spreading the virus. . As experts in our niche, we figured we could share some really great tips in helping you clean your home for CoronaVirus. You want to prevent the spread of the disease and we want to help. How often should I be doing this cleaning? At least once a day, alongside your other regular cleaning routines.

Will wipes work?

Yes. Look for cleaning fluids, wipes, and sprays that promise to kill 99.9 percent of germs. Many people promote using lysol, but the idea is to really just lower the risk of the spread, so using a cleaner that kills 99.99 percent of germs is really your best bet in preventing the spread of coronavirus in 2020 and 2021.

What if I don’t have cleaning sprays or wipes?

You should go out and get some immediately. You can buy sprays, cleaning fluids and wipes for very cheap at your local dollar store. You can also visit our E-Commerce to order items like spray bottles, buckets, automatic vacuum cleaners and more.. If you don’t have any wipes, sprays, or cleaning liquid to help you clean, You can temporarily start washing with soapy water until you can order some items from our E-Commerce Store. Generally speaking a few drops of dish soap in eight -10 ounces of water should be temporarily sufficient as an alternative to more potent cleaning supplies. Although soap and water will not kill all germs, scrubbing with soapy water should be effective in helping deter the spread of CoronaVirus and other Germs TEMPORARILY. However, We highly recommend using more potent cleaning liquids. As well as trying out some of our highly recommended cleaning supplies available in our E-Commerce Section.

What’s a high-touch surface?

Any place that is high risk for germs to spread quickly if not effectively Cleaned. These are generally places that get touched or handled a few times every hour or two such as some of the items in the following list:
  • Tv Remotes
  • Light Switches
  • Door handles
  • Refrigerators handles
  • cabinet door knobs
  • Phones
  • Tables
  • Bathroom countertops
  • Thermostats
  • Microwaves, coffeemakers and other heavily used appliances.

How thorough do I need to clean to prevent the spread of CoronaVirus?

In general, thoroughly wiping your surfaces down with your chosen cleaning liquid once or twice should do it, but don’t get lazy here: You want to be sure you’re cleaning the entire surface area of whatever you’re cleaning. Don’t let yourself get obsessed with cleaning, for some people this might be an issue, but in general clean your home and wash your hands when you touch or handle items that others will or have touched. Are gloves necessary or overkill?

Are gloves necessary or overkill?

Gloves are generally recommended for home cleaning, but if that’s just not in the cards, just try and wash your hands before and after you clean.

If I’m using gloves, do I really have to clean the gloves afterward?

Definitely, you always want to make sure you are using sanitary cleaning equipment. If you’re unsure on how to keep them sanitary, here is a short guide:
  • 1. While wearing your gloves, clean your gloves with soap and water.
  • 2. Dry your gloves
  • 3. Pull the gloves off and store them.
  • 4. Then clean your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

How Else can I Keep my home Clean of CoronaVirus

When you get home, take off your shoes, hang up your coat and immediately go wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.